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At Lowcountry Insurance Services in Bluffton, each of our staff offers 10 to 25 years of insurance experience. This experience enables us to connect clients with insurance policies that best fit coverage needs and budgets. This experience also means we have gained insightful knowledge that allows us to identify and address the unique insurance coverage requirements of families and businesses in our coastal area.

Covering All of Your Personal Insurance Needs

Our team at Lowcountry Insurance takes great pride in creating personal insurance packages that are tailored to each individual client. Our portfolios often include the following types of personal coverage:

  • Homeowners insurance: With a home insurance policy, you protect yourself from costs associated with many risks, including fire, vandalism and theft. Your policy not only covers your home itself, but also any additional properties such as garages and fences. It also includes coverage for many personal possessions, including furniture and clothes.
  • Renters insurance: Renters insurance works much the same as homeowners insurance, with the exception of coverage for the dwelling. Your landlord will carry insurance for that.
  • Landlord insurance: If you rent out your primary home, a seasonal home or other property, you will need to carry landlord insurance. This will protect you from bearing the brunt of costs to fix any damage, and it also offers a fair amount of liability coverage from personal injury claims.
  • Personal property insurance: For individuals who own specialty items such as fine art, jewelry, antiques or guns, we offer additional protection in the form of personal property rider. This rider ensures your prized possessions receive full coverage.
  • Umbrella insurance: Excess liability policies, or umbrella insurance, offer additional liability coverage at a fairly low price. Such a policy kicks in when your home or auto policy limits are met. It also provides additional liability coverage for claims of slander, libel or defamation of character.
  • Auto insurance: We offer competitive auto insurance policies for all your vehicles, including family cars, classic cars, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs and boats. We can help you compare quotes from several well-known insurance companies to find you a policy with the right discounts, premiums and coverage.

In addition to the more common personal insurance policies named above, we also have access to policies that cover the unique risks found in our coastal area:

  • Flood insurance: Every homeowner in our area should carry flood insurance. Such coverage is not included in a homeowners policy, but is instead a necessary add-on that covers losses associated with flooding.
  • Wind insurance: Having the right windstorm coverage in place can mean the difference between paying a reasonable deductible and losing your savings due to damages from a bad storm. We can help you understand wind and hail deductibles, along with any other related coverage options, so you are best protected against the worst that Mother Nature has to offer.

The Advantage of an Independent Insurance Agency in a Coastal Area

There are numerous advantages to working with an independent agent:

  • Personalized service from someone who knows the area well
  • Access to free quotes from numerous insurance companies
  • Ability to prioritize your needs and budget to find you the right policy

These benefits increase drastically in areas with coastal properties, as most insurance companies either offer coverage at excessive rates or they refuse to take on the additional risks found in our area.

As an independent insurance agency, we have access to several companies that do provide competitive coverage for coastal properties. We will work with you to identify the best fit company- and policy-wise for you and your coverage needs.

Understanding the Insurance Needs of Bluffton’s Newest Communities and Families

We have served the Bluffton area since the 1980s, so we have witnessed first-hand the growth in communities and population. We understand what it takes to fully adjust to life in our area. This understanding allows us to specially tailor our insurance services toward new families who have moved to share in all that our area has to offer. So whether you’re new to Bluffton or you have a new family, reach out to us for insurance advice.

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